About Us

We are a voluntary sector organisation that provides information, advice and support service to lone parents and families in need all over Fife.

Our aim is simple: to provide accessible, approachable and non-judgemental support, advice and information to lone parents. We are the only voluntary sector organisation in Fife with charitable status that has lone parent families as the primary focus. Based in Glenrothes, we cover the whole of Fife, providing a variety of services to lone parent families, in their local communities.

We seek to empower lone parents and families in need to promote their wellbeing and opportunities. We offer holistic support through our various projects, working at the pace and timescale that is right for the parent to overcome barriers such as poverty, isolation and poor mental health.

Throughout all projects our ethos is the same: Engage – Support – Progress.


Our approach is relationship centred – we take a personalised and collaborative approach of forming and maintaining important relationships. Within Fife Gingerbread there is a web of relationships between our team, families, and the local community. Each of these connections allows for effective exchanges of information and is vitally important for maintaining an excellent service and positive relationships.

Our relationship-based approach ensures a culture in which our team share our values and ethos. Our colleagues, board members and volunteers are chosen not only for their qualifications and experiences, but also for their compassionate and caring natures. Therefore, our team’s day to day engagement is genuine and has a meaningful impact on how we support our families.

Achieving the best outcomes for families cannot be done alone. We will work with other appropriate agencies across the sectors to provide a holistic and joined-up approach to supporting lone parents and families in need.

Our Current Projects (2020)

Making it Work for Lone Parents - is an employability partnership project which focusses on helping lone parents into work. Our partners from Citizens Advice and Rights Fife have come together to design and deliver a holistic model of support to help those at all stages of the employability pathway.

Lone Parent Helpline – provides telephone advice to lone parents all over Fife. This provision allows Fife Gingerbread to continue to deliver general support to lone parents, something we have done for over 30 years.

Fife Teen Parent Project - provides vital support to teenage parents and pregnant teens no matter their circumstance. Teen parents are given the tools they need to effectively nurture and interact with their child, giving both the best chance of an improved future. Group work is central to the project, allowing teen parents to meet others in the same position as them, and overcome the stigma that many young parents face.

Dad & Me - is for Dads, Grandads, or male carers in the Leven-mouth area who have a child aged between 0 and 8 years old. There are weekly playgroups that bring people together to have fun and meet other people.

Square Start Levenmouth - is project between BRAG Enterprise and Fife Gingerbread working to support families to overcome social isolation. The project delivers one-to-one sessions and group activities bringing together families and creating an opportunity for positive peer networks.

Volunteering- is fundamental to Fife Gingerbread and underpins all of our projects. Our volunteers work closely with Support Workers as well as providing buddy support to parents all over Fife who face isolation and other issues. Many of our volunteers have received support from Fife Gingerbread in the past, meaning they are knowledgeable and have positive experiences of the organisation.