Help Us Help Families in Fife

Click here to support our Christmas campaign

Every year our Festive Package goes the extra mile to reduce stress and poverty that families in Fife face over what should be a happy time of the year.

This Christmas, 130 families, including 280 children, will struggle to heat their homes and have enough to eat in Fife. We need your help to provide top - up meter cards and basic cupboard essentials to our most vulnerable families. Thank you.

A £10 donation will keep two children’s bedrooms warm over the holidays, or meals during the school holidays. Our team have met some families that are living in poverty right here in our communities, and we really need your help. Please give what you can - the holidays can be a memorable time for children, but not always for the right reasons. Thank you so, so much - every single penny goes towards food and fuel here in Fife.

If you would like to support us donate to/fundraise for us through our Heat & Eat campaign by clicking the link: