Fife Gingerbread Blog

Journey to a ‘new normal’

Last Autumn, I took on the role of Strategic Manager for Fife Gingerbread. The world looked very different then. There was a busy office and staff meetings, visits to tea-time clubs and fundraising events. There were meetings with other charities in the region and plans developed together.

In May 2020, I see my colleagues on my laptop, and my office is a kitchen shared with my partner,  dogs and a four year old! Life looks different for me, as it does for everyone, including our workers and the families we support.

And that’s what I want to share with you, the resilience and the dedication of Fife Gingerbread Support Workers.

In lockdown, Fife Gingerbread could not run our tea-time groups, our coffee mornings, our baby massage classes. We could not meet families and hold our confidence classes for our parents. These projects give structure to parents and children and has proven to make real positive impacts on lives in Fife.

Babies have been born, parents have struggled with home schooling, mental health issues have been put under even more pressure-our team have been there every step of the way.

Our staff are dealing with the impact of lockdown in their own lives, yet their focus has never strayed from caring for our families while caring for their own. Thank you.

We had to provide that support from a distance, and we did it well. We will continue to adapt our support as the guidelines change to ensure the best outcomes for our families. This is the beginning of a journey to the new ‘normal’. We don’t have a map or sat nav, but we know where we want to go.

Our destination will never change, we will always be aiming for better todays and brighter tomorrows. And most importantly despite the ‘weather’ we will continue to make friendships and memories that last for ever. 

Jacqui Hardie | Executive Strategic Manager at Fife Gingerbread