Corporate Membership/Subscription

Fife Gingerbread is a membership organisation. Individuals can subscribe with no charge, however, for 2017 we are introducing annual corporate subscriptions. This provides a relatively cheap and easy way for businesses to get involved. The membership fees are as follows:

  • £15 for a company with 10 or less employees
  • £30 for a company with more than 10 employees

So what are the benefits of joining? Firstly, there is the feel good factor of supporting a charity that you know will spend your money wisely helping those who most need it but it also helps your business by:

  • Enabling you to promote corporate social responsibility with your customers and staff using us an example of a project you are supporting
  • We will help you to promote your business ethically within our own marketing processes via our website, newsletter and social media presence
  • We will help you to promote special offers to other Fife Gingerbread members

It is quick and easy to subscribe, please complete the Annual Corporate Subscription Form and send it to for processing. Fife Gingerbread will then issue you with an invoice for your annual subscription.