A Huge thank you to Kelty Allotment volunteers.

Friday, 14 June 2019

You are our Volunteers of the month!

Fife Gingerbread's Kelty Allotment offers local people the opportunity to come together in a welcoming, nurturing environment to grow fruit and veg and learn more about healthy eating. The past year up the allotment our volunteers have worked extremely hard every day caring and nurturing a great selection of fresh vegetables which is then donated to food banks, community cafes, families or voluntary groups. All of which is very much welcomed and used by all. There is nothing better than home grown fresh veg. We also have fantastic support from two local businesses who help us with supplying new produce for us to grow as well as share their knowledge and skill to help us understand the best way so our produce thrives.

There are many benefits to the allotment not just for the food but for the people helping. You will meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills and share new ideas and if there’s time you can try and relax when the sun is out.

The allotment is open to anyone looking to try something new, meet new people and share your skilsl and ideas but happy to muck in and get your hand a bit dirty, if not afraid of the Scottish weather! You will certainly feel the benefit of the great outdoors.

Our volunteers' team would love to hear from anyone looking to help and get involved… so if you are green fingered and would like the chance to dabble, please contact Fife Gingerbread on 01333303124 or info@fifegingerbread.org.uk

Thank you,