A Little Ray of Sunshine on a Rainy Day...

Thursday, 2 July 2020

As the pandemic seems to be loosening its grip on Fife, the exhaustion and the emotional fatigue is really taking its toll. The rain doesn’t help much either! So Fife Gingerbread wanted to share a story of some lovely people getting together to help a wonderful volunteer.

Sandie is one of our Volunteer Co-Ordinators. Her kindness shines through not only in her work, but in everything she does. We all miss her working from home! She really cares about people, and one of her volunteers needed a bit of help.

Over to Sandie…

“One of my volunteers who lives alone and has been particularly isolated. She was looking for a bike so she could get out with her 13-year-old daughter, who she sees only once a fortnight and to make the most of their time together. With bikes being in such high demand, I just asked on our local Balmullo Community page if anyone had one available. A member of the community responded – well, her husband came out and when I went round and I realised it was a guy I worked at RAF at Leuchars when I was in the RAF – gosh – we chatted for such a long time was great to see him. They very kindly donated the bike.

My colleague Roma knew someone who could help get the bike in perfect working order- so Stewart McKay checked it over- thank you Stewart!

The timing was great – I had told her I was looking so to see her after the first phase of lockdown and kept the bike as a surprise. When I finally got the chance to catch up, her face told me how difficult this isolation has been for her. She is a wonderful volunteer, and has given so much to Fife Gingerbread- always there for any event, help with organising food parcels or to don a certain big yellow costume! Volunteering was a big part of her life, and a wonderful way to be part of a team. The bike is not just a bike, but a reason to get out there and have fun with her family- I have told her if she feels low and down to get pedalling. And she has. There is a smile on her face now– I love this part of our job.’’

There you are - Gingerbread staff, Community Groups, family connections- all coming together to make a real difference.

Thank you, Sandie, thank you everyone - a Big Gingey hug coming your way!