'A real Marathon Man - Gingerbreads' Chair of the Board goes the extra mile'

Monday, 3 June 2019

Running your first marathon is a challenge you will never forget. But running that first marathon a day before the actual event on your own without the crowds and water stations, atmosphere and recognition makes the challenge even harder. Our Chair at Fife Gingerbread, Ian Clark, did this. He did it not only for the families that need our support, but also for his own family, changing the date to keep a very special promise to his daughter.

Leading by Example? He definitely did! Read his story on the Just Giving link below to find out more about his inspirational plan as to not let down his sponsors, Fife Gingerbread and most importantly, his daughter. I think it is safe to say he might not lace up the trainers next year!

Ian, we are so proud of you. When we have a board that will show this level of dedication of the cause and their children, we really can’t go wrong!

Please find the link to Ian’s Just Giving page below: