Fife Gingerbread projects during Covid-19 crisis

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

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Fife Gingerbread – Current delivery during COVID-19 crisis

We are accepting new referrals – please call 01592 725 210 or email

Lone Parent Helpline - Our helpline (01592 725210) continues to be available for any lone parent in Fife, and our Support Workers can offer phone advice. The helpline is available Monday-Thursday (9-5pm) and Friday (9-3.30pm).

Fife Teen Parent Project - Our Teen Parent Workers are supporting parents up to the age of 20. They provide support to new and expectant parents focused on parenting, attachment, mental health and wellbeing.The support continues to be available virtually throughout the ‘lockdown’ – the team have created a Facebook page where they are posting creative activities for children and sharing information to support young parents through this challenging time. We are offering emotional support on digital platforms and offering support out with ‘normal’ office hours to meet each family’s needs.

Making it Work for Lone Parents - We continue to support lone parents on their journey towards employment.We have Fife Gingerbread Support Workers providing emotional support to lone parents over the phone, through social media, by emails and using Zoom. There is 1-1 support available, fun activity being posted online and live groups each week. Our support is focused on engagement, crisis management, referrals and family wellbeing.Our Financial Inclusion Worker from CARF continues to support families – providing support to ensure that they are financially stable, managing their budgeting and where required applying for additional financial support.

Buddy Network - Fife Gingerbread have an army of volunteers providing vital support to reduce social isolation and loneliness. We have trained buddy’s available to support parents/carers virtually through this time. There are also opportunities for new volunteers to join the Buddy Network.

Square Start Levenmouth - This project is led by BRAG Enterprises and co-delivered with Fife Gingerbread to provide family friendly activities, events, workshops and support for families in the Levenmouth Area. The team offer activities for all the family as well as providing one to one support helping to end social isolation. Most of the activities prior to Covid-19 required hands on close contact with the families which, now due to the current restrictions is not permitted. Bookbug sessions are now delivered through their Facebook page via live video (open to all who visit the page), they have a private group set up for registered families and have supplied their families with family boxes, filled with ingredients for cooking on a budget, recipes, craft items and activities and treats and sweets. The team then upload videos of them taking families through the method of cooking the meals, the families are then posting pictures of the meals and the crafts made on the private group wall.

Dad & Me - We are supporting dads, grandads and male carers of children aged 0-3. Providing opportunities for peer support and play opportunities for their children. A Support Workers continues to provide 1:1 emotional support to male carers over the phone and through digital platforms. There are activities posted along with activity packs delivered to families to continue where possible with group work.