Jade's story during lockdown

Monday, 18 May 2020

Hi, I’m Lucy-Teen Parent Worker for Dunfermline.

I met Jade and Lyla back in January, we were getting into a great routine with all our groups and weekly home visits and then lockdown happened! I am in contact with Jade every other day and she keeps me updated on Lyla’s developments and adventures! I’m really proud of her sharing her tips on coping with lockdown.

I’m 19 and have a 4-month-old daughter, she was around 2 months old when covid-19

started taking over everything. One of my biggest worries during this pandemic is not being

able to give my baby a good summer and first year, she gets more mobile every day and I

feel like she is missing out on all the things me and my partner had planned for the three of

us. I have realised that my mood has been low multiple times during the last two months,

I have struggled with this since high school but try to stay on top of it as best I can.

During lockdown I:

- made a list of things to do after covid-19

- made a day to day to do list (can even be just to have a shower, get changed and

basic care)

- bake once a week with my partner, his mum and brother bake too, and we compare

(a little competition between us four)

- take a daily walk with my partner and our daughter

- make time each day to do something on my own that I enjoy (watch YouTube, Netflix,

read, study subjects I’m interested in or listen to music) just an hour or so to sit back

and not be caught up in the outside world

- call a family member or a friend every day

I hope this was helpful to some of you, we all have our ups and downs and that's okay!