New Support for Families in Cowdenbeath

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Fife Gingerbread is delighted to announce it has secured funding from European Social Fund's 'Social Economy Growth Fund' allowing two new roles to be created in the Cowdenbeath area, a Family Support Worker and a Volunteer Coordinator.

The Family Support Worker will act as a community connector engaging with parents and carers to support families in the context of the family home. We will work with families to identify areas where they require support, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. This will include skills development, referrals to other agencies such as CARF, support with routines and building confidence.

The Volunteer Coordinator will recruit, train and support volunteers locally to fulfil a range of valuable roles in the Cowdenbeath area. This includes the opportunity to become a Buddy, supporting local families to get to know their community and reduce social isolation. We will assist Fife Gingerbread volunteers who are looking to improve skills and personal development through volunteering as a stepping stone into employment.

The work will continue Fife Gingerbread’s ethos of engage - support - progress, and aim to tackle poverty and inequality by supporting those most disadvantaged.