Support through Social Distancing

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Fife Gingerbread have been providing support to lone parents for decades.
But what does this support look like in lockdown? What difference do we make to the lives of families in Fife during this difficult time?

Let one of our teen parents tell you. This special young mum and her toddler are a valuable duo in the project, not just in their local area, but across our team and is appreciated by all workers in the project. She has grown in confidence so much that she now works alongside the project that will help her peers by being part of our teen parent forum. A young parent whom despite facing some struggles has always beaten them with resilience and confidence.

In her own words:

‘‘Fife Gingerbread have been a massive help and brought a lot of fun to my life since the start of my pregnancy, the help and support has been incredible!

Me and my daughter have attended groups since she was 6 weeks old, from things like baby massage, messy play, sensory play and buggy walks. These are the majority of my favourites anyway. Our days are always full of mischief and fun.

Since been put on lockdown because of Covid 19, me mentally I have been struggling but my little girl has kept me on my toes.

Well, all the girls in the teen parent project we’ve all been working together helping with:

• Sharing activities

• Group chats (for advice or somewhere to talk)

• Activities

• Phone calls to catch up

• Workers have videos, Bookbugs etc.

Without all the support and care we received, it’s really helped me get by.
Me and my daughter have been doing loads to keep busy, colouring in, ball pit in the bath, going for walks, singing, dancing...The support our workers have given us from home has been absolutely amazing. I am extremely thankful.’’

Louise, one of our Support Workers, has helped to give this parent a voice and we are so proud to be part of their story. The support and gentle guidance has provided her daughter has a fantastic role model to look up to.

Fife Gingerbread seek to empower lone parents to make positive choices and to believe in themselves. Our success lies with our team and the relationships they develop with the families.

Even in these most trying of circumstances, this mum is showing us the difference it can make when someone believes in you. The future is bright for this young family, and we feel privileged to be part of her story.