TechnipFMC & Fife Gingerbread Partnership

Thursday, 9 January 2020

/ We are delighted to say that TechnipFMC have chosen

Fife Gingerbread to be their charity of the year 2020.

Gingey is over the moon to let everyone know that TechnipFMC have chosen Fife Gingerbread as their charity of the year for 2020! Can't wait to get started with some exciting fundraising ideas. TechnipFMC have shown a real interest in the work that we do, and a desire to help those in need in the local area have a better start in family life.

Thanks so much guys, and here’s to a great year!

It’s the beginning of January, it’s grey and there’s no chocolate left. But here at Fife Gingerbread, the warmth and cheer of Christmas is still around us, as we collate the donations and help we received last month, and celebrate the new friends and supporters that we met in 2019!

Hopefully, you’ve seen our Social Media posts and the incredible donations we have received. Below is the story of how one relationship blossomed-TechnipFMC in Dunfermline.

Michael Waterston, Brian Taylor, Jim Campbell and the team took the time to hear our stories and understand what our team do to make the future brighter for families in Fife.

TechnipFMC have helped over 40 of the most vulnerable families in Fife through Fife Gingerbread’s ‘Heat and Eat’ Campaign. The amount they donated heated 85 families over the school holidays. Their incredible donation of over £1700 from a combination of staff and the Corporate charity team will provide fuel, heating top- up cards and cupboard staples for over the holiday period. We want to thank them not only for this huge donation, but for the genuine desire they have shown in wanting to find out more about what we do, and how they can help.

A message from TechnipFMC:

‘Our team were not aware of the impact of poverty on families in Fife until we heard from an amazing charity called Fife Gingerbread, who helped over 150 families in places like Kirkcaldy, Kelty and Glenrothes have a better Xmas.

We first engaged with the charity when we handed over a number of RoSPA “Keeping Kids Safe Packs” to them. When they explained the plight some of these local families are in, we agreed that we had to do more to support the excellent work that is undertaken by them.

In total the Dunfermline Campus of TechnipFMC raised a fantastic £1,793.60 for Fife Gingerbread. One thousand pounds was donated from the TechnipFMC Employee Charity and £793.60 was donated by employees.

We feel it’s really important that we support good causes like this within our local community and the work of Fife Gingerbread has a natural alignment with our foundational beliefs and our Corporate Social Responsibility aims too - it’s a win-win situation for both of us.’

We are delighted to have your support and your friendship - Thank you #TechnipFMC

If you would like to find out more about the work we do, and the effects of poverty in Fife please call Linsey Proctor on 07718 767 967.