Family Approach

Fife Gingerbread's new initiative “The Family Approach” builds on all the learning we have gained from being part of the Big Lottery Improving Futures Fund.

Tackling the attainment gap and wellbeing of children is paramount and therefore the relationship between home and school is of great importance.

Our approach is to tackle the barriers that prevent a child from achieving their potential by providing support at school and at home.

We work in partnership to build professional, trusting and non-judgemental relationships with schools and in a manner that supports and nurtures families.

The outcomes you can expect to see from this initiative are:

  • Parents and children assisted in school and at home.
  • Parents supported to attend appointments and meetings.
  • Children will have improved attendance.
  • Children will participate in out of school activities.
  • Families will have improved key life skills.
  • Families and children will remain engaged during holidays.

Responsible Citizens
​Families are encouraged to develop positive relationships and social skills. This will happen in their homes and in their community.

Effective Contributors
Family approach supports parents to have a “good enough” home for their children to grow and thrive in by overcoming barriers such as poverty and health.

Confident Individual
Support workers enable parents to develop positive parenting strategies, empower them to make better choices for their children and enabling children to develop a sense of self-worth.

Successful Learner
We support families to play and learn together. Supporting parents to overcome any barriers they may have by ensuring that the home supports learning.

Fife Gingerbread is a voluntary sector organisation working in the heart of local communities. We have over 31 years experience of alleviating poverty & isolation for lone parent's and families in need.

There is a cost, if you’re interested please contact Kath Miller at

or tel: 01592 725 210 / M:07545111311